The Kaleidoscopic Kraft Klan

* having complex patterns of colors; multicolored.
“kaleidoscopic diamond patterns”
synonyms: multicolored, many-colored, multicolor, many-hued, variegated, particolored, varicolored, psychedelic, rainbow, polychromatic

* made up of a complex mix of elements; multifaceted.

Hello, and welcome to my website dedicated to the history of my family.   Names like Andrew Jackson Gambill, Woodson Jennings,  Mary “Polly” Tiller, James Mark Chilton, Caroline Elizabeth Shelly, and Johann Phillip Kraft make up the ancestry of our family.  This website will be dedicated to getting to know them better, who they were, and the interesting lives that they lived.

I will use this site to post my family tree,  family photos, places we visit, and maintain a journal of interesting stories and people that I discover along the way.   Maybe along the way I will get to know long lost relatives and we can learn more about our history together.

I started studying my family’s genealogy because it makes history seem more real to me.  It’s one thing to read about this nation’s history, its wars, its presidents,  and its trials and tribulations.   It’s another thing to learn how those things affected your grandparents and their great grandparents and their children.

– Brandan